TSI Profile

Top System Industrial (Hong Kong) Ltd. (TSI) established in 1986, is a Hong Kong based personal care and detergent contract manufacturer.

TSI is one of the largest and most diversified personal care and detergent manufacturer in China.

TSI’s headquarter is located in Hong Kong and it has two production sites : one in Guangzhou and the other in Shanghai, PRC.


Each factory has installed modern and efficient production lines for manufacturing a variety of products including personal care and cosmetics products, homecare products and industrial and institutional products.


TSI has a team of well qualified production personnel all having 40 years of manufacturing experience in the field. Having established a strong and reliable production structure, TSI is well positioned to provide our customers good quality products and technical services from the product formulation stage up to the product testing stage prior to marketing.



Business Objective
In order to maintain continuous expansion and development of the company, its directors have vowed to commit it to four essential principles.

Meeting customers' expectation is only the minimum standard of quality in our products. We strive to achieve the highest level at all times.

The production environment must be equipped with the highest level of safety measures in order to maximize production production efficiency.

Products must be priced competitively so that they can achieve a long-term sustainability in the market.

Production processes should be environmentally-focused such that our products would generate the least, if any, harm to the environment.


Plants & Location

TSI HK is located at Kwai Chung. This is a center providing general management, finance, sourcing, purchasing, logistics and coordination of all sales and productions among all our factories in the PRC.

Guangzhou factory, location in Zengcheng with a total area of 12,000 meter sq. was established in 2021.  It has various production lines to manufacture various categories of products including home care, personal care and institutional cleaning products.


Shanghai Top System Hygiene Ltd is TSI's wholly owned JV in Shanghai. The factory is located in JinShan Chemical Industry Area which is at the southwest part of Shanghai. It is designed to manufacture different kinds of home care, personal care, and all the industrial and institutional products for various industries. It has a production area of about 20,000 M2 with a total output capacities of 120,000 MT per annnum.