Industrial Products

Food Service Hygiene

TSI manufactures a full range of warewashing products for all restaurants, hotels, canteens and all institutional food catering centers.
We pride ourselves to provide our customers with good quality and safe products. TSI has a well qualified and experienced technical team. We can provide consulting service to our customer in solving all the technical problems with regard to cleaning operation, hygiene and sanitation.

Chlorinated or non-chlorinated, Rinse Aid, Lime Scale Remover,Dishwashing liquid / Powder / Solid detergent, Sanitizer,Water Softener, Silver Detarnishing Compound,Oven & Grill Cleaner, Pot & Pan Detergent, Flatware Presoak.

Building Service 

TSI manufacturers a full range of building care products for all commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, recreation clubs and facilities, factories and all institutional buildings. We have committed to providing our customers with innovative, quality and effective cleaning products that help to protect facilities and people while creating clean, safe and comfortable environment.

Wall Cleaner, Stone Cleaner, Liquid Hand Soap, Alcohol Hand Gel,Multi-purpose Cleaner, Floor Stripper, Spot & Stain Romover,Floor Sealer, Floor Finish, Carpet Shampoo, Drain Cleaner,Deodorizer, Toilet Flush, Floor Cleaner, Marble Crystallizer, Window Cleaner,


Food Processing

Sanitization is most important to food industry. We have the knowledge and technology to be your chemical supplier to safeguard your product make in a cleaned and sanitized production facility. 


Food Chlorinated & Non-Chlorinated Alkaline Foaming Cleaners,Chlorinated & Non-Chlorinated Manual Cleaners, Quaternarys,Peracetic Acid Sanitizers, Anionic Acid Sanitizers, Hypochlorites, Chlorinated & Non-Chlorinated CIP Cleaners, Acid CIP Cleaners, Process Oven Cleaners, CIP & COP Systems,Water Soluble Degreaser, Liquid & Powder Floor Cleaners, Acid tolerant soap based biocidal & non-biocidalHard Water / Acid Tolerant Synthetic Lubricants.



TSI manufacturers a full range of Laundry Care products with superior quality in terms of cost and performance. We are actively developing new fabric care products to meet the new challenge of new fibers and fabric which on the other hand meeting the green criteria of biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Laundry Detergent, Enzyme Laundry Detergent,Alkaline Detergent Laundry Presoak, Chlorine & Oxygen Bleach, Anti-Chlor,Rust & Stain Remover, Dry Cleaner, All Purpose Spotter,Alkaline Spotter, Enzyme Spotter, Laundry Sour, Laundry Softener, Fabric Sanitizer.

House Keeping

TSI can provide a full range of housekeeping cleaning products which permit everywhere from restroom to kitchen kept spotless.
Every task from disinfecting to dusting can beaccomplished with these economical and excellent housekeeping products. We are driven by solving problems, reducing costs and field service in synergy to develop products meet our customers need.

All Purpose Alkaline, Acid Cleaners, Dust Mop Repeller,Floor PolishCarpet Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Odour remover, Drain Cleaner. All Purpose Hard Surface Sanitize, Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Glass Cleaner, Shampoo & Liquid Soap.


Metal Finishing

TSI can provide a range of effective metal finishing chemicals meeting your need in surface treatment. Through comparative analysis, both on-site and in our laboratory, we are able to assist our customer to formulate a right process in chemical treatment of all metallic and other surfaces.

Electro Cleaner, Spray Cleaner, Degreasing Compound,Acid Picking Compound, Phosphatizing Compound,Chromate Conversion Compound, Buffing Compound Remover, Etching Compound, Nickel, Zinc, Copper Brightener,Mould Release Agent.